I love this picture; Big Brother in the foreground, hamming it up for the camera; Little Brother in the background, timidly dipping his toes in the water. The quality isn’t perfect because it was taken with a cell phone, but it still captures the essence of summer fun.

I love this picture because of the shadow and light patterns.

Symmetry has always been appealing to me. The adorableness of two sleeping children is multiplied by the symmetry of their positions.

This picture is fascinating and disturbing. I like how it reminds us how fragile nature can be; how much longer will the tree be able to support the rock that is so precariously perched atop the cliff?

Another picture with symmetry. If I had been sure I would have been able to rearrange the blankets, I could have achieved better symmetry, but it was more important to capture the “aww” without waking them up.