Here is the original book cover:

and here is my redesign:

My original looked better but the layers didn’t save (though they are very nearly the same picture; I think even the layers were the same. I just couldn’t seem to reproduce it to my standards. I can always edit this post to include that one if you’d like to see it).


In my safe space, feeling relaxed.

Not my face, but half my DNA.

My alter-ego. Me, but cooler.












Why do you feel that art is important?

If you don’t think it is, explain.


Art is important because it is an expression of our feelings, it is symbolic, it is a way to pass information, it is a statement, and it is exploration. It is a way to tell history without words. If art weren’t important, children wouldn’t draw, or color, or paint. Children don’t do anything they think is boring or annoying. With children, art is simple. Art is a way of exerting control over something, of making. To make something all on their own delights them.

            Adults expand beyond the making of things. Adults use art to inspire emotions: to express outrage, to make one laugh, or cry, or gaze in wonder. The best art is made because it is fun, or it gives pleasure to the artist.  

* What is your relationship/understanding of ‘art’?

Art can be an expression or outlet of emotion; it can be the way in which we interact with our world, our culture, and our society; or it can be a way to inspire certain feelings in others. Even this is a poor definition of art; children don’t know what they’re doing when they scribble on a blank sheet of paper, but they know they love it. Art is an especially individual thing; what I find fascinating or beautiful is not so to someone else. To me, a photograph can be art; it can be beautiful, or inspirational. To my mother, as an example, a photograph is useless unless it captures family. If you were to compare our cameras from our family vacation many years ago, you would see that hers was full of pictures of the family posed in front of natural wonders, amusement parks, and every other type of background. My camera would show picture after picture of the natural world, with nary a human in sight.

* What medium are you most interested in?

I like painting, drawing, sculpture, and photography. I’m terrible at them, but I like them. Recently I dabbled in glass art, and that was fascinating and exciting. I would love to get more into glassmaking.

* Find three examples of digital art you are interested in.


Armageddon Incoming, Igor Scekic,

Medium: Digital image altered via photoshop.

Significance: It raises in one’s mind the possibilities and the unknown quality of the future and of the universe around us.

Topic: The destruction of the earth via comet collision.

Personal Attempt: Start with real images; I’m sure Curiosity or one of the other rovers/satellites has come across any number of potential photographs that could be used: comets, planets, supernovas. After you combine the pictures, you’d have to do something to make the pictures look homogeneous; in other words, alter the components so it doesn’t look like a picture slapped together by a ten-year-old with a magazine, scissors, and paste.


Unnamed Piece, Jessica Dinh

Medium: 3D digital

Significance: The artist is demonstrating that video games can be as inspirational and beautiful as any pastoral landscape.

Topic: Since this was made for a competition, it is not necessarily speaking to some specific emotion or trying to convey a point. Instead, it is a chance to show off one’s artistic skills. If anything, it would perhaps be an example of what the artist would like to see.

Personal Attempt: I have never used 3D digital software. I would not know how to use it without doing intense research and experimentation.

The Dark Tower: The Drawing of the Three, Darek Kocurek,

Medium: 2D photoshop

Significance: Surreal settings are an excellent way to make one think beyond one’s self. A door, labeled “The Prisoner” stands  alone on a beach. Would you touch it? Ignore it? Try to open it?

Topic: This picture is a representation of a surreal scene from a fantasy novel.

Personal Attempt: I’d start with pictures or images that I needed (a beach, a door, sand dunes) and combine them. Depending on how well the separate images come together, I might recolor, fade, or otherwise blend the components to make them suit each other.

I love this picture; Big Brother in the foreground, hamming it up for the camera; Little Brother in the background, timidly dipping his toes in the water. The quality isn’t perfect because it was taken with a cell phone, but it still captures the essence of summer fun.

I love this picture because of the shadow and light patterns.

Symmetry has always been appealing to me. The adorableness of two sleeping children is multiplied by the symmetry of their positions.

This picture is fascinating and disturbing. I like how it reminds us how fragile nature can be; how much longer will the tree be able to support the rock that is so precariously perched atop the cliff?

Another picture with symmetry. If I had been sure I would have been able to rearrange the blankets, I could have achieved better symmetry, but it was more important to capture the “aww” without waking them up.